Foster Denovo

A multi-award winning national firm of financial advisers
Part of the Foster Denovo Group, we provide financial advice to individuals and their families, businesses and charities
We are a UK-wide group with offices throughout the country. Our financial advisers provide specialist financial planning advice and investment services for individuals and their families, businesses and charities.

Individuals and their families
We can help with expert advice on everything from investing for your children’s education, planning your next move, how you could protect your family in the event of unexpected events, to the most suitable way to fund your retirement.

We understand that the financial planning needs of business owners are closely intertwined with the future of their business. We will be able to work with you to put in place a bespoke plan to help achieve your business’ financial goals and aspirations.

Whether this means planning to protect the business in the event of a key person becoming ill or dying, protecting the business’ shareholding in the event of the death of a major shareholder or creating tax efficient strategies to maximise your retirement, our team of specialists can provide you with advice and guidance.

We have the knowledge, experience and understanding to help you set-up, or review your pension offering. We have worked with hundreds of companies and charities over the years advising on pension set-up, provider options, automatic enrolment and much more.

As well as providing individuals and their families with financial planning advice and guidance, we also have our own employee benefits division, Secondsight. Secondsight specialises in financial, health and mental wellness; including financial education, pension advice and employee benefits and group risk and healthcare for businesses.

Employees only appreciate the value of their benefits when they understand them. So we decided to develop Mybenefitsatwork, which is designed to be an interactive communication tool. It allows employers of all sizes to give their employees instant information about their individual employee benefits package. It’s designed specifically to improve employee engagement.

Secondsight also provides award winning financial and employee benefits advice to charities and their staff. We’ve been advising charities and their employees for over a decade. And, we’re proud to be ACEVO’s longest standing strategic partner.

Foster Denovo Group Limited has also developed an investment management company Sequel Investments Ltd (Sequel). Sequel has been carefully designed to offer our clients a choice of income and target return funds. Each Sequel fund aims to ‘do what it says on the tin’ by stating how much it’s designed to deliver over the calculated Bank of England interest rate. As with all managed funds there’s a level of risk. A key benefit of each Sequel fund is that it takes this into account. Enabling you to set a course for an investment return that sits comfortably with both your attitude to risk and your personal ambitions. Whichever Sequel fund you choose.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you, please contact us.

Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations
Cash Plus (also known as Cash+) is an ongoing calculation based on statistics provided by the Bank of England. It’s based on the Bank of England monthly interest rate of UK monetary financial institutions (excluding Central Bank) sterling fixed rate bond deposits from households (in percent) not seasonally adjusted. It is used to represent the return that could be expected from long-term (at least five years) cash deposits.

Foster Denovo was originally established in 2005 and completed its buyout from the Tenet Group Limited in 2007.

Address: 1st Floor 8 Eastcheap London, UK EC3M 1AE
Phone: 0330 332 7866